Interior deep cleanse

No more smell!

Have you recently purchased a new car thats been smoked in? Or maybe taking your dog out and about in your car has left a bad smell lingering about.

This is the perfect package for you!

This interior deep clean focuses on purely restoring your vehicles interior back to showroom condition. 

Firstly a full interior vacuum is carried out to remove all the loose debris and dirt.

Next we carry out a full steam clean of every single inch of the car. Seats, carpets, headlining, boot, door cards. Doing this sanitises your car, killing off unwanted bacteria which can cause bad odour and mould. 

Next we deep clean all the plastics and other areas left using an all purpose cleaner  and a brush.

Once the interior is finished we place an odour eliminator bomb in the car and let it soak for 30mins before opening all the doors and letting it air out. This eliminates any remaining odours left in the interior and then leaves the car with a fresh scent whilst also removing bacteria that could be hiding in the air conditioning system.

This deep cleanse package can be added onto any other package we offer. If this is something you would like then get in contact today to arrange a custom booking.